A Stable

I’ve read that a change of pace + a change of place = a change of perspective.  This morning I find myself in a new place moving at a slower pace and gaining a fresh perspective as I look upon a stable across a meadow and reflect on a single life born in such a place – a life that has transformed the ages as well as transformed me.

This stable before me is far from perfect.  In fact, it’s quite weather worn.  It’s missing planks and many others are loose or askew.  The gates are crooked.  There’s an overall “tatteredness” about it.  Over two thousand years ago, a young couple found themselves forced to call a shelter such as this the address where their child would be born.  As I look out on this stable, I wouldn’t delight in calling it my bunk for the night, much less the birthing suite for my child.  Yet, within this most imperfect structure emerged a loving Father’s gift of perfection capable of transforming all that is tattered.

A heritage of love, a heritage of giving, a heritage of perfection living among all that is imperfect.


Danny Gans

Just read of the sudden passing of Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans.  Having just been in Las Vegas last month for a conference, I read articles about this unique man with such prolific talent.  What struck me when I was learning his story, was his deep and abiding faith.  I just found this qoute from a TIME magazine article from April 2000:

OCCUPATION: Las Vegas impressionist, comedian and singer

GOAL: To be a multimedia star while affirming “my Christian values”

QUOTE: “I’d love to have the career that Sammy Davis had”

Talk about a GOAL!  THAT is a bold and audacious goal!  With a basic google search, there appears article after article on Danny Gans and his faith.  And today, to borrow the words of his employer Steve Wynn, “The loss of Danny to his wife Julie, his children Amy, Andrew & Emily is at this moment impossible to comprehend. We will all try to go on with our lives without our dear friend. At this moment it seems almost impossible.”

Family and friends grieved beyond comprehension?  Most assuredly.  People without hope?  Definitely not.  I believe Danny Gans is more alive at this moment than ever.  From what little I have read, Danny Gans was living IN this world but was not OF this world.  He had his sights set higher and greater.  And today I believe he is receiving accolades and applause unlike anything he has ever known.

The question I now ask myself:  “Will I leave this world with an unmistakeable legacy of faith and are my goals, actions, and activities aligned with the singular purpose of honoring God and loving others”.  Thank you Danny Gans, for modeling such a life on a stage for all the world to see.

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Clear Eyes, Strong Body

Finishing well.  Over the last several years, I have watched and learned from people a generation older who stand out from the crowd by their steadfast purpose of living life marked by finishing well.  One such example recently was legengdary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey.  In 2000, at the age of 82, Paul Harvey signed a 10-year contract with ABC Radio networks!  In 2001, he was “forced off the air” for several months because of a virus affecting his vocal cords.  But he returned to work and was still active as he passed his 90th birthday!

3400 years ago, another man’s life captivates my imagination for how strong he finished and what was said of him that defined his legacy.  The bible says that “Moses was 120 years old when he died.  His eye was undimmed, and his vigor unabated”.   Can you imagine that being said of you?!  There’s all sorts of offers in media today suggesting how you can retain strength and vigor as you age.  My question is, what was Moses’ “secret”?  I believe we have the answer right here: the bible goes on to say that “there has not arisen a prophet since in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face“.

I go to the gym and exercise my body (not nearly enough, however!).  But for gaining “eyes undimmed and vigor unabated” – clear eyes and a strong body – I have found nothing compares with getting “face to face” with God.  Call it “The Moses Method”!


Heritage Moment

Faith is the foundation of our family.  As parents, our goal/desire is to see our children make the faith walk we are leading them on their own.

Last night, as I was getting ready to pray with my thirteen year old son Tucker before bed, he shared with me some of his goals.  The one that stirred my heart the most was his goal/desire to have his own personal quiet time/devotion on a regular basis.  I love that goal!  The others included “running, going to the gym (he’s thirteen…these two are rooted in the “girl factor”), learning to play piano, taking voice lessons, and practicing/getting better on his acoustic guitar”.

What I love about him is that he is himself.  The sweetest moment last night was when he said “I know I’m not the best in sports, but I really like music and playing and want to get better”.  I love seeing the “bent” of our children revealed.  Our hope/dream/desire/prayer for our children is that they live life fully comfortable being themselves.  Being the person God made them to be – pursuing with passion and purpose what He plants in their hearts.  Nothing could make this dad more proud.  I know because I’m so proud of my son!

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Full Potential

Had an audible “whow!” moment as I began reading Tony Dungy’s book UNCOMMON.  Opened to the table of contents, landed on “PART IV: YOUR FULL POTENTIAL“, and just had my own private praise moment.  You see, those two words, “FULL POTENTIAL”, have been stirring in my spirit with resounding strength and frequency the last month or so.  “FULL POTENTIAL” has been a theme emerging in my own life, and of course I believe not just for me but for everyone who God gives me favor to experience community with and whom I may influence.  I can’t wait to dig deeper into this notion of “FULL POTENTIAL” and see where it leads.  I love a new trail and I believe this one is going to lead to some amazing places!