Danny Gans

Just read of the sudden passing of Las Vegas entertainer Danny Gans.  Having just been in Las Vegas last month for a conference, I read articles about this unique man with such prolific talent.  What struck me when I was learning his story, was his deep and abiding faith.  I just found this qoute from a TIME magazine article from April 2000:

OCCUPATION: Las Vegas impressionist, comedian and singer

GOAL: To be a multimedia star while affirming “my Christian values”

QUOTE: “I’d love to have the career that Sammy Davis had”

Talk about a GOAL!  THAT is a bold and audacious goal!  With a basic google search, there appears article after article on Danny Gans and his faith.  And today, to borrow the words of his employer Steve Wynn, “The loss of Danny to his wife Julie, his children Amy, Andrew & Emily is at this moment impossible to comprehend. We will all try to go on with our lives without our dear friend. At this moment it seems almost impossible.”

Family and friends grieved beyond comprehension?  Most assuredly.  People without hope?  Definitely not.  I believe Danny Gans is more alive at this moment than ever.  From what little I have read, Danny Gans was living IN this world but was not OF this world.  He had his sights set higher and greater.  And today I believe he is receiving accolades and applause unlike anything he has ever known.

The question I now ask myself:  “Will I leave this world with an unmistakeable legacy of faith and are my goals, actions, and activities aligned with the singular purpose of honoring God and loving others”.  Thank you Danny Gans, for modeling such a life on a stage for all the world to see.

May 1, 2009 | Filed Under Legacy