Heritage Moment

Faith is the foundation of our family.  As parents, our goal/desire is to see our children make the faith walk we are leading them on their own.

Last night, as I was getting ready to pray with my thirteen year old son Tucker before bed, he shared with me some of his goals.  The one that stirred my heart the most was his goal/desire to have his own personal quiet time/devotion on a regular basis.  I love that goal!  The others included “running, going to the gym (he’s thirteen…these two are rooted in the “girl factor”), learning to play piano, taking voice lessons, and practicing/getting better on his acoustic guitar”.

What I love about him is that he is himself.  The sweetest moment last night was when he said “I know I’m not the best in sports, but I really like music and playing and want to get better”.  I love seeing the “bent” of our children revealed.  Our hope/dream/desire/prayer for our children is that they live life fully comfortable being themselves.  Being the person God made them to be – pursuing with passion and purpose what He plants in their hearts.  Nothing could make this dad more proud.  I know because I’m so proud of my son!

March 12, 2009 | Filed Under Heritage